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  • A Guide On Getting Rid Of Dust Mites
  • A Guide On Getting Rid Of Dust Mites

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    Those tiny animals, only visible under a microscope, dust mites are agents known as allergens, triggering a crisis known as an allergic hypersensitivity reaction, both in children and in adults. They belong to the arachnid family and have four pairs of legs. When they colonize a human being, they cause conjunctivitis, eczema, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, itching of the hands or face, runny nose and even asthma.
    As Inhabitants of the dust in our homes, mites can be found in mainly in furniture and the whole room, curtain, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, books, stuffed animals and especially in mattresses and pillows. The heat and humidity of our body, along with the natural sloughing of the skin, are favorable proliferating conditions for this species.

    Studies proved that after six years of use, a pillow can have 10 % of its weight in dust mites, their debris and fragments of human skin.
    In general mites are not in surfaces, but rather trapped between the fibers of the mattress. So, when a person sits or lies down on the bed, it’s like the organisms and their feces are being puffed into the air, and fall back only to be inhaled. But what really causes allergies in humans is an enzyme released in their feces – Der P1.

    So, in order to prevent allergies caused by dust mites, you must adopt simple habits such as covering the mattress and pillows with dust mite protective covers, clean the furniture with a damp cloth weekly, replacing curtains with blinds or wash curtains every 15 days.
    Keeping your bed frame clean also helps, as does using a dehumidifier to reduce the relative humidity to 45 % or less, avoid making meals in bed or on the sofa and turn the mattress every 15 days. To learn more, visit this link.

    Blankets should be washed every two weeks and aerating the house by opening the windows is also essential, as well as avoiding objects that accumulate dust and, such as carpets, in the house. Exposing those items to the sun is also effective in eliminating mites.
    Another important tip is about the vacuum cleaners you use in cleaning. Those with HEPA filters are the best, because it cleans up 99.9 % of impurities from the air and filter out dust mites with greater capacity.

    Hot air vaporizers are efficient in killing mites since they die at 60 degrees Celsius. To be truly effective method, be sure to completely dry the object that is being vaporized.

    As you can see, prevention is the key. Each measure alone can be very efficient, but the fight against mites and consequently allergies is made with a set of actions. These actions are very simple, and can be performed inside your own home.

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